Resources for Causal Reasoning in Health Services Research

Browsing Conrady Science

I have recently received an email from Conrady Science inviting me to their webinar series on Bayesian Networks. On their website I found a plethora of educational materials, which seems like it could be useful for developing an understanding of causal reasoning. I plan to incorporate links to some information they provide. This would include: a link to their website, a link to their webinar series, link to their upcoming seminars. 

A couple of notes from their webinar on Observational Inference.

  • They introduce a joint probability function as the probability of events occurring together
  • The conditional probability with two conditioning events could be effectively represented by a nested table
  • They specifically mention the subject-mater knowledge guides the factorization of joint probability
  • Bayesian network is the name in social sciences, known as DAG in statistics